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Nordic walking & Hiking tours

230km of Hiking paths

In summer there is a hiking festival in Berchtesgadener Land. You can find suggestions for hikers at:

The paths and climbs (approx. 230 km in total) are mainly maintained by the national park administration. They enable a variety of different mountain tours. The national park administration offers hikes for adults and special hikes for children. Selected trails are open to cyclists. Environmentally friendly electrically powered passenger boats operate on the Königssee. The bathing ban in the waters of the national park has been lifted since 1987.

Hiking to Watzmann house

Hiking to Watzmann house

Watzmann is a landmark of the region. From the parking Hammerstiel leads up a nice way 7.6 km to Watzmannhaus. The unforgettable view from there makes up for the effort of the climb.

Starting point:
Parking Hammerstiel
Hammerstiel Straße 60,
83471 Schoenau am Koenigssee

Painter Road

Painter Road

Ramsau and lake Hintersee in the paintings of romanticism.

One of the most scenic routes is called the artist road. The path begins in Ramsau with a tour of the famous parish church. Then the road leads through a magical forest to one of the most beautiful lakes in Bavaria lake Hintersee.

In the 19th century, and the Ramsau and lake Hintersee has attracted artists from all over Europe with their unusual nature and picturesque landscapes. There was created many works of art depicting these unique places.

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From Ofener Boden to the Kehlstein

From Ofener Boden to the Kehlstein

From Ofener Boden the road leads through a nice, paved shady north side to the Kehlstein. The length of the hike is about 5.8 km away. The view point in Kehlsteinhaus is one of the most visited attractions in Berchtesgaden.

Starting point:
Ofener Boden,
Purtschellerstraße 4,
83471 BerchtesgadenKehlstein

Almadventure road in Ramsau

Almadventure road in Ramsau

This 10.8 km long hiking road leads through a charming mountain landscape.

From the parking Taubensee Ramsauer Almerlebnisweg leads to 13 information boards with information about the history of the pastures of Berchtesgaden and their meaning. On the way thera are Mordaualm, Lattenbergalm and Mossenalm that offer during the summer months their specialties. The way back leads past the beautiful Taubensee.

Strarting point:
Parkplatz Taubensee,
Am Taubensee 2,

83486 Ramsau

Hiking Ramsau

Hiking Ramsau

14.7 km Pure nature with many highlights!
Starting from the Wimbachbrücke in Ramsau leads this route towards Wimbachgries by Wimbachklamm. Continue on Hintersee passing through the magic forest and back to Wimbachbrücke with the resort center of Ramsau.

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