Café Tomaselli

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Café Tomaselli, which is located in the middle of the old town of Salzburg (at "Alter Markt"), is the oldest still working café in Austria. The history of the café dates back to the year 1700. Already Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart could be met there in those days, and still today, especially during the Salzburg Festival, actors, opera stars, and international prominent figures can be seen in the Café.

Also the name of Mozart's wife - Constanze von Nissen - is connected to Café Tomaselli: After Mozart's death she lived for six year in the house where already back then the café was located.

Besides coffee, bakery produce and ice cream today you can also enjoy small one-course meals in the Café Tomaselli.

Contact information:
Café Tomaselli
Alter Markt 9
5020 Salzburg
Tel. +43 662 84 44 880

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