Salzburger Nockerln

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Salzburger Nockerln, which are made from eggs, sugar and flour, are a speciality from Salzburg. This dessert has a distinctive form that is supposed to represent snowy mountains of Salzburg. Traditionally the dessert consists of three "Nockerln", which have after baking a goldish-brown colour. Salzburger Nockerln are sprinkled with icing sugar.

Already in the 17th century the history of the Salzburger Nockerln started, when the then archbishop of Salzburg, Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau, fell in love with the the grocer's daughter Salome von Alt. In spite of social classes and other complicating factors, Salome tempted him with this delicate dessert. They were a couple for all their life and had 15 children - if the reason for it were the Salzburger Nockerln, is not clear.

You can try Salzburger Nockerln, for example, in the restaurant Restaurant S'Nockerl of the hotel Elefant in the centre of the old town.

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