Wimmbachklamm-inOver thousands of year the river wimbach had being eroding the rock face in the Wimbach valley. The result is this awe inspiring gorge. The force of the water is so strong in places, that water pools have been formed from the water pounding down from the rock walls into the riverbed. 
There is a safe wooden path along the gorge which allows walkers to be captivated by this unique work of nature. 

Wimmbachklamm-mn1Since the appearance of the Alps some 70 million years ago, these mountains have undergone weathering by wind and water. Melting ice and snow, as well as the friction caused by moving sand and gravel, have constantly been cutting deep into the rock and causing canyons and gorges. Among them, the most accessible and impressive are the Almbachklamm between Berchtesgaden and Markt Schellenberg and the Wimbachklamm in the Berchtesgaden National Park near Ramsau.

The waterfall Wimbachklamm is known since 1847 and has always been a "place of power" for all seekers of vivid impressions of life.
The number of tourists is growing from century to century - in 1882 here was only 8000, already in 1927 about 42 000, and in this age of more than 150 000 visitors per year. Stormy streams roar of falling water - a walk through the gorges and ravines of the Berchtesgaden Alps an exciting adventure!
In addition to a fantastic waterfall Wimbachklamm, which is located directly at our guest house in the neighborhood you will find many more beautiful gorges, canyons and waterfalls.

This, for example, a deep gorge Aschauer and beautiful Weissbach, which are located at a distance of about 30 km from Ramsau.

Helpful information:
Waterfall is equipped with comfortable wooden walkways and stairs that allow to move safely, even with children. Paid entrance. Please take the guet card, it is usually allows to get a discount for the entrance fee. From our guesthouse to the falls is a picturesque mountain path, which takes about 20 minutes.