Parish church St. Sebastian

Ramsau kirche

The parish church Saint Sebastian is the parish church of Ramsau nearby Berchtesgaden . It is consecrated to the saints Sebastian and Fabian. Particularly from the "Malerwinkel" with the Ramsauer Ache and the Ertlsteg in the foreground and the Reiteralpe in the background the church is a popular picture and photo motive.

ramsau afishaIt was built in 1512 under provost Gregor Rainer and was extended in 1692 in the baroque style. It has a tower with baroque onion shaped tower which is covered like the whole church with wooden shingles.

Pension Bergbah is located in the Bavarian Alps in the town Ramsau on the border to the National Park Berchtesgaden (Nationalpark Berchtesgaden), with wonderful views of three mountain peaks in Bavaria: Watzmann - the highest mountain in Bavaria 2713 m, Hohkalter Palfelhorn. Our Pension is located at the beginning of the famous Alpine road.

Not far from our guest house  located a sheep farm, which sells cheese, chocolate, soap made from sheep's milk, a variety of wool from sheep's wool (shop open in summer), a bakery, a butcher with regional homemade products. Berchtesgaden region is known for its eco-friendly milk products, known in the whole Germany under the brand Berchtesgadener Land, in restaurants you can taste the specialties of this area fish saybling (Saibling) from the lake Koenigssee.

In Ramsau are regularly organized an entertainment events, musical evenings. All information can be obtained from the information desk near our guesthouse or in the central offices.

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