Bergsteigerdorf Ramsau Bayern HerbstThe municipality Ramsau, in which our pension is located, ideally embedded in a picturesque landscape between mountains, beautiful forest and Hintersee.
It is located on the Königssee in the district of Berchtesgadener Land in Bavaria, close to the border with Austria, 35 km south of Salzburg and 150 km south-east of Munich. It is situated north of the Berchtesgaden National Park.
Ramsau is famous for its high mountains, including the third highest mountain in Germany, the fabled Mount Watzmann (2713 m), and for the Lake Hintersee.
Ramsau is one of the most picturesque villages in Germany. 
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Tourist Information Ramsau:
Im Tal 2, 
83486 Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden
Telefon: 08657 98890
Hintersee Lake
The area of Hintersee Lake and Ramsau are among the most picturesque in the Bavarian Alps. Artists and novelists discovered both sites in the 1800s and, later, film-makers chose this area as an idyllic setting for alpine majesty and pastoral romance. The maximum water temperature is about 16°. Thus, swimming is only conditionally suitable. Hinters...
Blaueis Hut
The Hochkalter massif lies west of the Watzmann massif and, like it, is located within the Berchtesgaden National Park. The most important base for climbing this alpenstock is the German Alpine Club's Blaueis Hut (Blaueishütte, literally "Blue Ice Hut") which lies at a height of 1,653 metres (5,423 ft) in the Blaueis Cirque (Blaueiskar) below th...
Swathed in myths and mysteries, Watzmann mountain is ever-present in Schönau am Königssee. Just like in old days, you can come and commune with this mountain, breathing in its peace and its strength. As the second-highest mountain in Germany, it has always attracted mountaineers from near and far. Especially the East Wall of "King Watzmann" remains...
Over thousands of year the river wimbach had being eroding the rock face in the Wimbach valley. The result is this awe inspiring gorge. The force of the water is so strong in places, that water pools have been formed from the water pounding down from the rock walls into the riverbed. There is a safe wooden path along the gorge which allows walker...
Parish church St. Sebastian
The parish church Saint Sebastian is the parish church of Ramsau nearby Berchtesgaden . It is consecrated to the saints Sebastian and Fabian. Particularly from the "Malerwinkel" with the Ramsauer Ache and the Ertlsteg in the foreground and the Reiteralpe in the background the church is a popular picture and photo motive. It was built in 1512 un...
The magic forest
The magic forest, which is located in Ramsau is one of the finest geotopes Bavaria, according to the Bavarian State Office for the Environment.This idyllic place originated thousands of years ago by a rock fall, and today the large boulders are characteristic of the forest. Through this rockslide originated the Hintersee.This is the most beautiful...