Grassl's Gentian Schnapps Distillery

The oldest germany factory for the production of alcoholic drinks - Grassl Distillery. Grassl faithfully follows the tradition of his ancestors from the beginning -17th century, it has the exclusive right to mine for the roots of gentian (Enzian).

The famous Grassl mountain gentian schnapps was first distilled in Berchtesgaden in 1602. Today, in addition to the main production, more than 30 different herbal and fruit schnapps varieties are produced here as well.

Enjoy not only the samples of the delicious nectar, take an interesting tour through the distillery and have a look at the display of old machinery used hundreds of years ago in this ancient distilling tradition. Watch a film (in English as well) which details how distilling tradition process is achieved. The visit includes a film, free tasting and a well-stocked shop featuring a lot more than just bottles.

Only 20 minutes by car from our guesthouse to the Grassl plant

The history of the distillery Grassl

The history of the "Grassl" distillery

The history of the manufactory "Grassl" goes back to the 17th century. Historical documents evidence that the owner of the restaurant Grasl has wrote the rules and instructions on "how to properly produce the alcoholic beverages".

Even then he knew that it is not good to grow plants gentian on the same place several years, at least must pass 7 years.

Also he wrote that, for producing of alcohol tinctures you need to use only spring water and clean tree, both were in abundance on the mountain tops. Grasl has built in different places on the hillside the huts for producing of beverages.

However, life and work on the mountain was not easy.
After harvestin the fall, every day Grasl and his family dragged in barrels on their backs or donkeys about 100 pounds of the roots of gentian to the huts, which were on the steep slopes.

Despite the fact that he is not very rich in producing of schnapps, his products have become very popular in the Berchtesgaden area. As ordinary employees, who after hard work have need to relax as a high lords and nobles who enjoyed his drinks after a sumptuous meal.

The products  of the distillery

The products of the "Grassl" distillery

The choice of the "Grassl" is very large and offers drinks for all occasions.

If you need a good "accompaniment" to a large menu or just finish the evening meal, perhaps you want a sweet dessert – in “Grassl” products you will find drinks for every taste! From spicy, herbal to sweet liqueurs – you can try yourself the highest qualityof products of the oldest distillery “Grassl".

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