The old saltworks

Alte Saline Alte Saline Grot4000 years of salt history in one of the oldest museums in the world - Alte Saline. There are still mined and produced  Germany's well known Bad Reichenhaller salt.
In the salt shop you can buy the health and beauty products with local therapeutic salt.Old saltworks Alte Saline is located in a picturesque place, at the medieval fortress Gruttenshtayn (Burg Gruttenstein) in the historic center of Bad Reichenhall. Built in 1834 by King Ludwig I, saltworks was an outstanding industrial building of its time. Now at the Museum of salt during excursions the visitors, interested in the history and technology of the salt produсtion, can get a lot of useful and interesting information.

Salt Museum has five exhibition halls, each of which is dedicated to a specific topic. "Calm and relaxing effect of the salt and natural brine on the respiratory system has been used for a centuries. Saline solutions  moisturize the mucous, providing it with minerals, which have a regenerating effect and reduces swelling. Thus, they are the perfect remedy for colds and allergies," - says Dr. John Kerschl, chief of the physician rehab Prinzregent Luitpold in Bad Reichenhall.

Berchtesgaden AlteSoline
Salt shop
Alte Saline in Bad Reichenhall - the birthplace of the most famous edible salt in Germany, branded salt - Bad Reichenhaller MarkenSalze. 
The Old Salt Works, rich in history, is home to Germany's most well known table salt, the Bad Reichenhaller salt. The Bad Reichenhaller salt shop features an extensive selection of table- and gourmet salt, health products and wellness products, along with many attractive offers and delightful suvenirs.

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