Predigtstuhl Cable Car

foto Bad Reichenhall Predigtstuhlbahn

foto Bad Reichenhall Predigtstuhlbahn view 1Predigtstuhl Cable Car (Predigtstuhlbahn)

Take a ride in the oldest, large cabin cable car in the world still in its original condition. Built in 1928, this piece of nostalgia is right out of the past. Technically perfect in form, guests are pleasantly transported in approx. 8 minutes up to the top of Predigstuhl Mountain at an elevation of 1,583m / 5,200ft).

Admire the spectacular scenery en route as you sail up to the peak. Hiking trails which begin from the top will give you the opportunity of continuing on foot to the surrounding peaks or back to Berchtesgaden if you prefer. Great fun for the whole family!

foto Bad Reichenhall Predigtstuhlbahn view 2
Predigtstuhlbahn map Predigtstuhl Cable Car works all the year around, the prices you can  found here:

Besides the cable car leading to the Predigshtul no less breathtaking is a view opened from the peaks, which also can be reached with the funicular:
  • Oberzaltsbergban  in Berchtesgaden,
  • Untersbergban in the city Gartenau  near Salzburg  (Gartenau bei Salzburg),
  • Jenner in the village of Schonau am Konigssee (Schoenau am Koenigssee),
  • Hohshvatsekban (Hochschwarzeckbahn) in Ramsau.