Watzmann mountains

Berg WatzmannSince time immemorial the gigantic Watzmann massif has reigned in supreme majesty, deeply impressing all those who have gazed upon it. During the course of its long history, its rocky heights and deep crevasses have inspired many a tale and legend.
Get involved with a mind trip to the legendary past of the big mountain and its rocky neighbours. Numerous deliverances witness of its wild and exciting life.
Swathed in myths and mysteries, Watzmann mountain is ever-present in Schönau am Königssee. Just like in old days, you can come and commune with this mountain, breathing in its peace and its strength.
The Watzmann mountain (2.713 m / about 9000 ft) - is the superstar of the "Berchtesgadener Land" as it towers above the valleys below. Not surprising that the mountain's imposing outline is used in numerous regional tourist and product logos. On its eastern side, Lake Königssee lies at its feet with the highest rock face in the Eastern Alpine Range, the famed Watzmann East Face. On the western side, the mountain looks over the unusual landscapes of the Wimbach Valley. Mount Watzmann's three peaks are called Hocheck, Mittelspitze and Südspitze. A good 500 meters below Mittelspitze the ridge of the so-called Watzmann children rise up from the Kleiner Watzmann (also called Watzmannfrau).
Its eastern face is a sheer climb of close to 2,000 meters and can only be scaled by experts. However, good hikers can reach the summit via another trail that leads past a large overnight hut called Watzmannhaus. Even for those who do not scale Germany's second-highest peak, a photo of the Watzmann is a must for every visitor to Berchtesgaden!
As the second-highest mountain in Germany, it has always attracted mountaineers from near and far. Especially the East Wall of "King Watzmann" remains a challenge for even the best mountain climbers.