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The Schellenberger Icecave

If you the experience of walking in the mountains and warm clothing in your rucksack, you can go from the town Marktschellenberg  about three or four hours toward the mountain shelters Toni Lenz and reach the Shellenberger icecave.

Eiskapelle mit Gewölbe im Sommer The Schellenberger ice cave is the only and biggest in Germany open to the public. It is situated at an altitude of 1570m above sealevel. It offers a tour of spectacular domes and ice formations . Tour guides explain the developent of caves in general and ice caves in paticular. In the absence of electricity, the halls are illuminated with carbid lamps, taken by some of the visitors. All ice is moving, melting and refreezing, so that a "new cave" can be visited each year.Guided tour 45 mins. Go into the cave on you own is not possible. The cave is open in summertime.

There is a snow all  year round snow and ice fields on Watzmann mountain. Very popular among the tourists the large ice cave or Ice Chapel (Eiskapelle)  because of its easy accessibility from the station of St. Bartholomew on Königssee (Station St. Bartholomae am Koenigssee). You can enjoy the beauty of the caves in the summer as well. 

Waterfalls and gorges: http://www.berchtesgadener-land.com/de/klammen-schluchten/

The Schellenberger icecave: http://www.eishoehle.net 

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