Berchtesgaden National Park

Nation park Berchtesgaden
Germany's only Alpine National Park

Nation park Wimbachklamm

Berchtesgaden National Park is located in the southeast of Germany, in Bavaria and adjoining the Austrian Salzburg region. Founded in 1978, the park includes an area of 210 square kilometres and is owned by the federal state of Bavaria. In addition, the park is the core and buffer zone of the biosphere reserve Berchtesgadener Land.The principle aim of the National Park, covering an area of 210 km², is to allow nature to follow its own course. For this reason all human intervention is avoided in the core zone in order to allow an unhindered development of nature. 

The area is covered by a network of some 260 km of walking paths and steep mountain trails. From walks accessible to the physically impaired to the challenges of a via ferrata, there is something here for everyone. In summer numerous huts in the high mountain pastures, offer refreshments and provide overnighting for those who wish to spend several days exploring the National Park.

In the park  located the mountain lake Funtensee, where was registered the lowest temperature in Germany in the winter and the lake Königssee with the highest peak of Bavarian Watzmann (2713 m above sea level).