Ice Chapel

eiskapelle thcontentgalleryresponsiveAt the foot of Watzmann Mountain on the eastern wall is the Ice Chapel: perhaps the most accessible glacier cave in Germany of great beauty, small glacier of San Bartolome on the famous Lake Königssee. The Eiskapelle may well be the lowest lying permanent snowfield in the Alps. Its lower end is only 930 metres high in the upper Eisbach valley and is about an hour's walk from St. Bartholomä on the Königssee.
The Eiskapelle is fed by mighty avalanches that slide down from the east face of the Watzmann in spring and accumulate in the angle of the rock face. Sometimes a gate-shaped vault forms in the ice at the point where the Eisbach emerges from the Eiskapelle. Before entering there is an urgent warning sign that others have been killed by falling ice.

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