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and lake Hintersee in the paintings of romanticism.

One of the most scenic routes is called the artist road. The path begins in Ramsau with a tour of the famous parish church. Then the road leads through a magical forest to one of the most beautiful lakes in Bavaria lake Hintersee.
In the 19th century, and the Ramsau and lake Hintersee has attracted artists from all over Europe with their unusual nature and picturesque landscapes. There was created many works of art depicting these unique places.
Carl rotmann, Ferdinand, Waldmuller, William Bush and many other famous artists have visited this beautiful mountain valley. Especially popular motive for artists was the village of Ramsau, artists liked to portray farmers in national costumes in the backdrop of the majestic mountain range and a romantic lake Hintersee.
On the road through the beautiful and truly artistic places you can  enjoy the beautiful nature motifs  and compare their feelings with the emotions of the artists immortalized in the paintings. A total of 26 panels with historical pictures show the so-called road of artists from the Church St Sebastian in Ramsau to the place Kirchbichl (Salzburg - Austria).

Ramsau map

About the artists:

Carl Anton Joseph Rottmann (11 January 1797 – 7 July 1850) was a German landscape painter and the most famous member of the Rottmann family of painters. 
Rottmann belonged to the circle of artists around the Ludwig I of Bavaria, who commissioned large landscape paintings exclusively from him. He is best known for mythical and heroising landscapes. The landscape painter Karl Lindemann-Frommel belonged to his school.Anton Rottmann

Painting: "Lake Hintersee", 1832 

Thomas Fearnley (27 December 1802 -16 January 1842) was a Norwegian romantic painter, a pupil of Johan Christian Dahl and a leading representative of Norwegian romantic nationalism in painting. 
His son Thomas Fearnley (1841–1927) founded the Fearnley dynasty of shipping magnates. Fearnley's paintings alternate between oil sketches and larger, composed landscapes meant for exhibition. His large studio compositions have a cool monumental attitude with a taste for the powerful and wildly romantic in the favorite motifs, wilderness and waterfalls, and with a strong emphasis on the image's architectural structure.Tomas Fernley

Painting: "Ramsau", 1830.

Joseph Höger
(3 November 1801 -13 May 1877) was an Austrian landscape painter, watercolorist, printmaker-lithographer. In 1843 he became Professor at the Vienna Academy, where he also studied art previously. His paintings are distinguished by an unusually deep transfer mood, dramatic forest and mountain landscapes, as well as a very precise and accurate water color. Therefore, in the circle of his friends he had a nickname "Raphael of the trees." 
joseph höger kapelle bei berchtesgaden

Painting: "The Chapel at Berchtesgaden".

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller  (15 January 1793 – 23 August 1865) was an Austrian painter and writer.
Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller was one of the most important Austrian painters of the Biedermeier period.Whether it was the conquest of the landscape and thus the convincing rendering of closeness or distance, the accurate characterisation of the human face, the detailed and refined description of textures, or the depiction of rural everyday life: his works – brilliant, explanatory, moralising, and socially critical – influenced a whole generation of artists. Being an advocate of natural observation and plein air painting, as well as a critic of academic painting, Waldmüller was far ahead of his time.Ferdinand Waldmüller Der Taubensee mit dem Steinberg in der Ramsau

Painting: "Lake Taubensee in the mountains Ramsau"

Andreas Paul Weber (1 November 1893-  9 November 1980) was born in Arnstadt, Thuringia. He visited the secondary school in Arnstadt, and then for a short time, the Art and Crafts School in Erfurt. He joined the Wandervogel, a youth movement interested in cultivating a better lifestyle and a heightened appreciation of nature through hiking.
Weber's attachment to nature was awakened by extenisively hiking through Germany. 
Paul Weber Hintersee

Painting: "Hintersee und Mühlsturzhörner"