WatzmannhausNumerous mountain huts give you the opportunity to stop off during your hiking tours: Here you can - depending on the hut - have a rest, eat and drink or even stay overnight. Most of the huts, like for example the Kelsteinhaus or the Watzmannhaus, are located at popular destinations and offer a marvellous view.

BindalmAs well worth seeing are the mountain pastures: Mountain pastures are grazing land by mountain farmers. In the region of Berchtesgaden-Königssee there are a few mountain pastures that are run traditionally during summer. Today many of these mountain pastures are - thanks to their location - also popular destinations; here you will be offered self-made products.

A list of mountain huts and mountain pastures and their opening times for the year 2017 you can find further down. However, please keep in mind that the opening times can change due to weather conditions. You can get update information directly at the huts (phone numbers in the list). 


Source (of the pictures amongst other) and further information about mountain pastures and mountain huts: https://www.berchtesgadener-land.com/natur/wandern/wander-touren/almen-berghuetten, www.huettenwirte.com